Reckless Faith V: Chapter 5

This latest entry puts me at 20% of the total projected length of the book.  My other novels have been doing well, and the encouragement is helping my motivation.


Arianna Ferro was happy to see the feverish reunion between Vecky, Devonai, Richter, Evangeline, and the two other crewmembers of the Fox, though the sight also came with a sense of melancholy. Too long plagued with both extremes of emotion, she had taught herself to, in most circumstances, feel nothing at all. Even though few situations within the last month required her to quash her feelings, it was the only way she felt like she could redeem herself in the eyes of her crew, despite that none of them expected her to carry on like an automaton. However, the depth of her betrayal kept her reactions muted to satisfy her toughest critic: herself.

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Book Review: A Happy Bureaucracy by M.P. Fitzgerald

I’m not usually a fan of post-apocalyptic sci-fi. This book caught my interest because of its unusual but thoroughly plausible premise – that in a United States ravaged by a nuclear apocalypse, the Internal Revenue Service would be the only governmental entity to survive.

Fitzgerald excels at juxtaposing a ludicrous scenario with fast-paced storytelling and humor. Unlike anything I’ve seen before, this book was refreshing for its originality and accessibility. In a world where violence is the rule of law, we can always rely on one constant – the IRS, and its stalwart agents.

The protagonist undergoes a predictable character arc, and his weathered, hard-boiled companion is a trope by herself. These foibles are easily forgiven due to the enjoyable story and clever narrative. The author also makes a few grammatical errors, undetectable with spell check but pernicious nonetheless. Still, these problems hardly detract from the story and will probably go unnoticed to all but the most IRS auditor-inclined readers.

4/5 Stars

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Reckless Faith V, Chapters 2 through 4

If you’ve read Chapter One already, please note that it has been changed to reflect that the crew of the Reckless Faith has decided to meet up with the Fox instead of building a new ship before leaving Earth.  It’s not a significant enough change to warrant another read.  Below are the continuing adventures of the Faith and the Fox, soon to be reunited.



The heavily armed group of people closing in on the gas station were human, that much Val could see.  He would have found them reassuring, if he had any idea who they were.  Friendly or not, due to the sparse cover and bright sunlight he could see at least three of them take up positions near the road, and four more swept toward his position in a wedge formation.  He had hoped his own people would notice he was missing, call up the chain for help, and find him.  It was possible these were all DIA personnel associated with Jones, but their mismatched clothing and odd variety of weapons belied that.  Ultimately, it didn’t matter who they were, as Val was outnumbered and had no escape route.  When the four men had approached to fifty meters, he hollered at them through a broken window.

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New Fiction in the Reckless Faith Universe

The last three months have been a boon for my books.  The Fox and the Eagle has been doing particularly well, and my other titles are doing better than average as well.  With so many new readers, I’ve decided to revisit past ideas for a fifth book in the series.  As usual, I’ll be posting the content as I create it.  The first draft of the prologue and first chapter are below; if the prologue seems familiar it’s because I’ve posted it here before.  However, it concludes differently now.



“Hey, Agent Smith!”


Val was on his way from the front desk to the elevators when he heard someone call his name. He turned to his right and looked into the lounge area. His contact, Special Agent Ben Jones, was sitting at a small table near the bar. Val approached him.

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Infinity Publishing has gone dark. Consider my books with them as out of print.

Due to a messy merger with a new company called FastPencil, Infinity Publishing is no longer responding to communications, nor are they fulfilling orders.  As such, I’ve re-published The Fox and the Eagle directly on Amazon.  Please be sure you are ordering the correct version, especially the paperback.  The easiest way to distinguish these versions are that the new versions are significantly less expensive.

I’m taking action to have Infinity’s versions of my books officially listed as out of print, which could take a few months.  For now, all five of my novels are available directly through Amazon, both in Kindle and paperback.

Here is the link to The Fox and the Eagle, new Kindle Edition.  The link to the paperback is in the sidebar.


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Dun Ringill is Live on Amazon

I’m pleased to announce that Dun Ringill is now available for the Kindle on Amazon.  Thank you to everyone who helped me edit and refine the final version.

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Dun Ringill: First Draft Complete

The first draft of Dun Ringill is complete.  Next begins the process of editing, and finding a source for cover art.  Until the book is ready to be published on Amazon, I’m making the first four chapters available to a wider audience.  If you would like an advance copy of the whole thing, please let me know, and thank you to all who provided feedback so far.  Below are links to the first four chapters.

Prologue and Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

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