Miscellanea: MPHI M24C Mass Driver Cannon

Matesia Planetary Heavy Industries M24C Mass Driver Cannon

(translated into English, numerical values have been approximated from the original)

Physical Properties

Weight: 2000 kg

Height: 15 m, including magazine

Width: 5 m

Length: 50 m (receiver 5 m, barrel 45 m)

Projectile Weight: 60 kg (typical)

Muzzle Velocity: 9,000 mps (ideal)


The MPHI Model 24C Mass Driver Cannon is a direct fire, unguided, kinetic energy impact weapon commonly mounted on space vehicles.  While it is compact enough to be used on ground-based vehicles or atmosphere-only aircraft, proper stabilization of the projectile can only occur in a vacuum.


The M24C uses a 60 kg elemental Osmium ellipsoid slug.  The magnetic rails are typically mounted parallel to the forward axis of a spacecraft, making it into a direct-fire weapon, although optional guidance systems can take advantage of gravity “whipping” to fire at targets not in the direct line of fire.

Method of Action

The M24C will damage or destroy the target using nothing more than a transfer of kinetic energy from the projectile into the target.  A 60 kg slug moving at 9,000 meters per second will yield 2.43 billion Joules, or 1.79 billion foot-pounds of energy.  Ultimately, the exact yield will depend on relative velocities and any intervening environmental factors (such as considerable gravitational forces).

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I am the author of Reckless Faith, The Tarantula Nebula, and Bitter Arrow, a science fiction adventure trilogy, as well as The Fox and the Eagle and Dun Ringill, stand-alone sci-fi adventures. This blog will feature new fiction as I create it.
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